The Giro Series Pt 1

It’s been a month of Sundays since I have last posted and A LOT has happened since!

Considering it is the first of July, I thought today would be the most fitting day to start my mini Summer series called “The Giro series”. Grio is an Italian word for tour/trip, which is fitting as that is what I will be doing a lot of this summer – woop woop. I will begin with a catch up of what I’ve been up to since the beginning of my summer vacation. This includes the Euro Tour and all the adventures I’ve taken with my friends to different parts of Italy like Trieste and Venice up until now.

Words cannot describe how incredible these past couple of weeks has been. I had the amazing opportunity to make a little ‘”giro “around Europe with 103 other exchange students from Italy.

Ready to hitup Europe!
Ready to hitup Europe!

We started our trip off in Milan, where we got to meet each other. Little did any of us know that our casual “hi, nice to meet you-s” would end in tearful and emotional goodbyes.


It was I think my 5th time in Milan so after taking cute pictures in front of the Duomo, a group of us girls decided to head into a small, less touristy, neighborhood and spend the morning in a hipster café for some girl talk.

My lunch of Strawberry Granita

After lunch, we left in two giant busses filled with Americans, Canadians, Australians, Brazilians, Mexicans, Germans and of course two South Africans we headed to our first destination: Lyon, France.

Interesting bits of info:

Lyon is France’s third biggest city after Paris and Marseille. The city is famous for its significant role in the history of cinema owing to the invention of the cinematogrpahe took place there. There is also a very famous light festival that takes place every Demeber from the 8th called the Fete de Lumieres. The locals are really welcoming and around every corner you’re sure to find a super unique French cafe or boutique that you could spend hours in.


On our first night, we thought it would be fun to head out into a parking lot at 1 am and play “pre-school” games. The police however didn’t think it was and we had to move locations. We all felt like we had a bit more street cred though, I mean, who gets to say they were laughed at and called crazy by French policemen for running up and down making washing machine sounds?


The next morning we went into the center of Lyon where we walked along the Saone and visited Cathedral St Jean (I remember having one of the most riveting conversations about pooing in waterpark slides outside this church).

Cathedral St. Jean


We then took the coolest inclined train ride up to the top of the hill where we got the most breathtaking view of Lyon and also got to visit the stunning Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere. This Basiclica is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who saved the city from the bubonic plague that was swept Europe in 1943. Every year on the 8th of December, to thank the Virgin, people light candles all around the city.

phil train!
Uphil train!
Basillica Notre-Dame de Fouviere
Interior of the Basillica

After some exploring and granita (slushy) we headed back on the bus and began our 6 hour journey to Paris!

…some more Granita

*I would like to take this moment to apologies for the obscene number of selfies you will see throughout these upcoming posts.


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