Nqoba Nqoba

2015. The year of “Nqoba Nqoba”. The year I see as my launch pad into adulthood, self-discovery and independence.

 I didn’t see my life going in this direction. I always pictured myself at O-week with my friends, or at a University in a different land. A gap year was never an option. It was a rash decision to apply for exchange: a decision for which I am extremely thankful. I get to explore new territories, live as an Italian in the most authentic way possible, meet new people and make the most amazing memories.

 “Nqoba Nqoba” is a little something that my grandpa (Tata) sprinkles his pep-talks with. There’s a proper Zulu translation, but to us it means “Go kick ass”. Nqoba Nqoba is the last thing Tata shouted to me at the airport with a tear running down his face as I went through security. Nqoba Nqoba has gotten me through absolutely every trial I have faced in my life thus far, and every time I get through the other side stronger and more resilient. So, Nqoba Nqoba is what I will use to get me through this year. A year that is completely full of new lessons, new opportunities and new challenges.

 I’m extremely excited to make my 18th year, my first year “out of the nest”, my best year to date.This blog will be my online capsulation of the events that I will experience this year – I try my best to update it as often as possible!

 Feel free to follow me on Instagram: @abi_magula

 Ciao a presto xx


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